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GENERAL POLIEPOXY [Polyester Adhesive]


Epoxy-Polyester special adhesive

APPLICATIONS POLIEPOXY® is recommended for permanent gluing, even in the most difficult situations, of MARBLES, GRANITES, STONES, CONCRETE, IRON and for gluing heterogeneous materials. PREPARATION For best results mix 2% to 3% of the catalyst (dibenzoyl peroxide in special formulation) with the adhesive; the version in paste facilitates the dosage. A homogeneous mixing will facilitate uniform catalysis. The catalysis speed is influenced by the temperature and by the proportion/quantity of catalyst. An excess of hardener/catalyst will increase the hardening speed, but weakens the adhesive seal. The surfaces to be treated/glued must be clean and dry and greasy substance free; porosity and a light roughness of the surface favour the best adhesion. The hardened/cured adhesive is completely workable (grinding, polishing, sanding, buffing, etc.) after 2 to 5 hours

- Can be used for Outside Application

- Strong Glue like Epoxy

- Fast Dry Time - 20 Min

- Imported from ITALY