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Curing Blanket


2 Layer Foam Blanket - 6'x 25' - 5 pcs per bundle [3/8" thickness]

3 Layer Foam Blanket - 6'x 25' - 3 pcs per bundle [1/2" thickness]


Grip-Rite Concrete Curing Blankets Grip-Rite Extreme Concrete Curing Blankets® are a woven poly tarpaulin envelope with internal insulation secured all around by a patented reinforced webbing design. Extreme blankets are designed for use in cold weather concreting applications as an insulated cover to maintain the heat of hydration during the early stages of concrete curing. Grip-Rite Extreme Curing Blankets feature a button less design that eliminates the need for plastic buttons to hold the insulation in place. This means reduced catching and tearing, reduced moisture penetration, and less disturbance of the wet concrete surface